Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Laws for copyrighted material - Will it affect your Videos?

This debate is a very tricky subject for videographers, there have been hundreds of argmentes made since the birth of youtube. Videographers in the U.S. have an ever trickier time trying to abide the laws, beacuse it is nearly impossible for the "common videographer" to obtain a license to a major recorded song.
In an article just posted on SF Weekly: "Posting Copyrighted Music to YouTube Might Soon Earn You Jail Time"

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended a bill for the Senate that would make it a felony to "make a public performance by electronic means" of a copyrighted work, i.e. illegal streaming of copyrighted material. This offense would carry the same penalty of illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works: up to five years in prison, a fine, or both.

The bill has the support of just about every copyright-holding organization, including the RIAA, the MPAA, Disney, NBC Universal, and others. On the introduction of the bill to the Senate in May, the RIAA commented: "As the music industry continues its transition from selling CDs to providing fans convenient access to a breadth of legal music online, laws that provide effective enforcement against new and developing forms of content theft are essential to the health of our business." Basically, the companies don't want to be left behind when technology progresses more quickly than laws that can make various infringements illegal.

So what does this mean to you? Will you stop uploading your videos online? Comment below!

Author: Mary Angelini
Orlando Wedding Videographer

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