Established in 1998, PVCF was formed for the purpose of furthering the professional video industry in Central Florida.  Our goal is to raise the production standards and skills of corporate and event videographers.

PVCF provides opportunities for personal growth and development through monthly networking meetings, guest speakers, training workshops and peer discussion and critique of our members’ work.

Additionally, PVCF promotes professionalism among its members, binds its members to a Code of Ethics, and provides communication among users, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of multimedia equipment, materials and services.

A concurrent goal is to serve as a source of information for the public to both educate them on the value of video, and to be a resource for those wishing to hire a videographer.

If you are a professional or aspiring videographer, explore the benefits of PVCF and see how we can be a vital resource to both you and your business.


As a member of the Professional Videographers of Central Florida I pledge to:

  • Always engage in fair and equitable business practices. 

  • Not intentionally use false or misleading information in my business dealings. 

  • Encourage the sharing of video related knowledge and skills so that individually and collectively we can help elevate the level of professionalism in the event video industry.