Why Video?
Suppose a friend told you they had in one hand a book of professional photos of the day your grandparents were married, and in their other hand a professionally-produced video of that same day, in full color, with actual sound, but that you could only choose one to view and keep as a family heirloom. Which would you choose?

Only video will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened -- to see you walk down the aisle, to hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, to hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception...and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. Because your wedding day goes by so quickly, capturing all of the activities, your ceremony and reception, on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family now, and most importantly...for all the generations ahead.

Why a Professional Videographer?
Professional videography preserves and protects life's most precious and beautiful moments--as they actually happened. And what is more important than the sights and sounds from the most important day of your life?

When you choose to invest in a professional videographer, you're honoring the importance of your wedding day. Only a trained and experienced wedding videographer is prepared to capture the details of your special day, from the rush of preparations at the beginning of the day, through the emotional moments of the ceremony, and the excitement of the reception. Afterwards, creative editing will polish your video artistically and professionally to produce a keepsake that not only documents your day, but is fun and entertaining to watch again and again!

Through new developments in digital technology, camcorders and microphones are completely unobtrusive, and many videographers have invested in new digital video editing systems that have revolutionized the artistic expressions found in a finished video. As a result, your wedding video can look and sound as good as any program you may see on broadcast television.

Why a PVCF Videographer?
Videographers who are members of The Professional Videographers of Central Florida (PVCF) are dedicated to capturing the planned events, as well as the spontaneous moments that are unique to every wedding.

With today's rapid changes in digital video, professional videographers must constantly update their skills, techniques, and technology. Members of PVCF continually attend workshops and training seminars to keep up with these changes.  They share ideas and artistry as well as maintain a high level of professionalism.

Membership in PVCF signals that your videographer adheres to industry standards and is dedicated to continuing education that improves the quality of their work and their ability to meet your needs in a professional manner.

To be assured of choosing a professional videographer who will record your wedding in a caring and skillful manner, select a videographer who is a member of PVCF.

Whether you are in need of video for a school dance recital, corporate seminar or other memorable event, you can be assured that a PVCF Videographer will have the skills, equipment and professionalism to preserve your event accurately as well as artistically.

To find a PVCF certified video company to produce your Wedding or Event video, please refer to our MEMBER DIRECTORY.