Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Matrox featured presenter at February Meeting

Matrox Video Products Group will be the featured presenter at the February PVCF meeting. They will be showcasing the Matrox RT.X2 Realtime Editing Engine for Adobe CS4 Production Premium and I/O Devices for Apple Final Cut Studio. In addition, Profile East of Orlando will also be in attendance to participate in the presentation.
Matrox RT.X2 lets you get the most from Adobe CS4 Production Premium. Experience REAL realtime mixed-format editing. Enjoy end-to-end tapeless workflows with P2HD and XDCAM EX. Spend your time creating, not rendering.
The Matrox MXO and MXO2 input/output devices streamline editing with Final Cut Studio on the Mac. We’ll walk you through the steps of the most popular workflows with Apple Final Cut Studio. You’ll discover the benefits of broadcast-quality input/output, monitoring, and up/down/cross conversion in a small, portable box, then walk away understanding how the Matrox MXO family of products can give you new-found freedom — edit anywhere!
Whichever platform or application you use, you’ll learn how Matrox products will help you quickly create your best work and let you focus on building your business.

There will also be an outstanding raffle at this month's meeting featuring 2 awesome books from Focal Press, Audio Postproduction for Film and Video and The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide. And as if that wasn't enough, the grand prize will be a Matrox RT.X2 LE (a value of $1095), generously donated by the awesome folks at Matrox. Tickets are only $1 at the door.

This is a meeting you won't want to miss!

Orlando Post Pros Meeting February 18th

Get the new year off to a great start with your fellow post-production pros!
Join your friends and colleagues for a social night of networking beginning at 6:30pm 
Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at Red Star Tavern at the Fashion Square Mall, Orlando.
Hang out and have a beer with us!
Red Star Tavern
3461 E. Colonial Drive #F13
Orlando, FL 32803


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Valentine for Videographers

We wanted to share with you an excerpt from a love letter of sorts, written by videographer Laura Moses of Vantage Point Productions in San Dimas, CA. You can link to the complete article at

The lack of a perfect wedding never stops us from pursuing the creation of a perfect film. Neurotically, we obsess over thrilling our clients. Our goal: to prove—once and for all—that a wedding film is priceless.

As unsung specialists in extreme guerilla filmmaking where each successful production can be compared to a minor miracle, we’re lucky to receive a fraction of the respect and earnings most photographers command. The mainstream has yet to get the memo that this vocation requires us to be expert cinematographers, documentarians, and storytellers, as well as gaffers and audio acquisition and engineering virtuosos.

Though sensitive to a fault, we’re tougher than nails. We have to be. We deliver—despite rain, sleet, snow, or suffocating sauna heat—and we do it while starving. Circumstances rarely allow us the time to eat our stale little “banquet-in-a-box.” Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be provided with an actual vendor’s buffet. But if the band gets there first—which it always does—we go back to work, starving.

Moreover, we work without the luxury of a script, our cast usually shows up late, and our shooting locations can change due to a drop of rain—or the drop of a hat. Under similar conditions, most cinematographers in the motion picture industry would never be able to accomplish what we pull off every weekend. Still, the public and more than a few relatives think our job is easy because we spend it at a party.

We work with music, hearts, and dreams. We’re the keepers of the flame for future generations. After we’re gone there will be pieces of us—little bits of our hearts—scattered across the globe, telling stories about love.