Saturday, August 30, 2008

New PVCF Forum is up and Running!

The PVCF Forum is now up and running!  Why not stop by and get in on the discussion?  The more our members participate and network on the forum, the stronger our organization will become. 

The best way to add value to our organization is by sharing our knowledge and experience with each other, so if you haven't posted to our board yet, now's your chance.

If you are an experienced videographer, why not start a new topic in one of the forums?  Or post a link to a video you've just finished.  Or ask a question of your peers.

If you are new to videography, there's a wealth of knowledge to be tapped from our seasoned veterans, so why not ask  something you've been wondering about.  This is the place to do it.

Monthly meetings are just not enough to build a strong organization, so let's keep the networking and learning going throughout the month.  Let's make this new forum the first big step to raising the bar on Professional Videography in Central Florida.

Best Wishes,


P.S.  Don't forget to bookmark the site and visit frequently.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Meeting Minutes

The August Meeting was held at the Red Lobster at Waterford Lakes.

The agenda consisted of some updates on the search for a more permanent meeting location, highlights of our meeting at WEVA 2008, updates on the new website and forum (which is now operational!) and video viewing and discussion.  We also had a few new members in attendance who will be added to the PVCF website shortly.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the new PVCF Blog!

Welcome to the new PVCF Blog.  It's a work in progress so be patient. We'll be adding new graphics and tweaking the site as we go until we get it just right.

Here you'll find the latest news updates, meeting notes and archive, meeting schedule, agenda and more as well as fun stuff like polls, video clips, a monthly update from the president and links to other web sites that may interest you.  We'll also keep you updated on the progress of the new website and message board as we work to come up with something that will showcase the new direction of PVCF.

Of special interest:

  • Monthly Meeting Info can be found in upper right corner of blog.
  • The Poll of the Month can be found in the right sidebar.
  • Archives (including monthly minutes) can be found in the right sidebar as well.  Just scroll down.

We welcome your input and feedback and hope that this will encourage a new level of interaction between members and an even broader community.

P.S.  Don't forget to take the monthly poll!


CORRECTION:  This meeting was in addition to the August meeting on the 26th, which is still scheduled to take place, location TBA.

PVCF President Bobby Fishbough has arranged for August's meeting to take place at the upcoming WEVA convention.  This will be a great opportunity for us to network with other Professional Video groups from Florida and other areas.  

To coincide with the WEVA convention, August's meeting will take place on a different day and time than usual as well.  The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 13th from 4PM to 6PM at the J.W. Marriott Grand Lakes.  Room location and details will follow in a future update.

Our meeting room will be free, however, there is a fee for entering the convention. Please see the link below for a 75% off discount. YOU MUST REGISTER BY 11PM TOMORROW, FRIDAY, AUGUST 8TH TO RECEIVE THIS DISCOUNT!!!!! Please carefully read the WEVA ad below on how to get this discount!!

There is also a fee for parking. The WEVA website has it listed as $14 for WEVA attendees who are not registered at the JW Marriott. Please do plan on attending as there is so much valuable information!

The meeting agenda will be similar to July's agenda: 
  1. Brian will start with an update on the new web presence
  2. Golf Channel producer Chris De Celle will give feedback to members, so bring your videos for viewing!
  3. Mike Van Horn will speak about After Effects, Photoshop and Graphic Design
  4. Kris Malandruccolo (a vendor at the trade show) will be speaking about the power of video and the workshops she does.

Also, don't forget to bring a short clip reel of 2-3 of your best clips so we can edit them into the new PVCF show reel.  Any format is fine (eg. DVD, miniDV tape).

For discounted Expo tickets go to:

For more information about the WEVA Expo 2008, go to

New PVCF Logo

PVCF VP Julie has put together several new logo designs as a potential replacement for the old PVCF Logo.  Please take a look and leave feedback below using the comments.  She has intentionally left them in grayscale for the time being, however once a final design is approved, it will have new colors added to coordinate with the new website and graphics.

Logo #1