Friday, May 29, 2009

UPDATED!!! Negotiating Service Fees and Pricing

Why should we be expected to treat our pricing differently than any other profession?  The next time you consider negotiating your pricing, keep this video in mind.

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(Thanks to Bruce for sharing this!)

Don’t Let Brides Haggle With You
By Ciara Daykin

With all the talk about wedding cut backs and getting the best deal brides have got it into their heads that it’s a great time to haggle with wedding professionals over their prices. In fact, I’ve had couples (who are not my clients by the way) corner me at parties to tell me what great deals they’ve secured with their wedding vendors and how they’ve “beat them down” in price.

Congratulations- your wedding is going to suck.

Well, it’s the truth isn’t it?

When bridal couples beat down wedding professionals in price no one wins. There is no way that the same level of service is provided when our prices are haggled down. It’s just human nature to be bitter about it and not bring your A-Game even if you don’t mean to do it- it happens.

So How Do You Stop A Haggler In Her Tracks?

I had a bride who came to me the other day and when I quoted her our price this is how our conversation went:

Bride: “Is there room to negotiate on that price?”

Ciara: “I could lower the price but I would have to start taking away services and you won’t get me on your wedding day, you’ll get one of my other planners.”

Bride: “Well, what do I tell my fiancĂ© when he asks if I negotiated a good deal?”

Ciara: “Tell him I told you $500 more at first and then I gave you a deal.”

She signed with us that night.

The lesson to be learned from this interaction? If you’re worth the price that you’re quoting then you need to stick to your guns and you’ll get the client.

And for me, when brides come into my office I’ve already established a relationship with them through my ezine, blog, social networking presence, my portfolio and the testimonials on my website. They know that I’m an expert and I really connect with them. We talk in depth about the benefits of working with us and I also address all their objections in our initial sales meeting even if they don’t voice them.

You know the objections brides have to working with a planner and you need to come up with answers that nullify the objections. By operating in this manner you grow your business into an empire, you don’t just squeak by working with one haggler and then the next.

Monday, May 25, 2009

PVCF Meeting Agenda May 2009

This Tuesday's meeting will consist of two parts. First, we will be conducting board member elections as well as taking care of some official business items and updates. Second, we will be screening the video entries for the official PVCF wedding video demo reel (for details and submission guidelines, see previous post). MEMBERSHIP DUES will also be collected at this time.


Here is a list of all board positions (as listed in the by-laws) with a short description of each position and the duties and responsibilities that go with it. For a full description, please refer to the by-laws, published in the MEMBERS section of the PVCF website. (pvcf/videographer)

  • President - presides over meetings, presents periodic reports, represents PVCF when dealing with the public, plans meeting agendas
  • Vice President - presides over meetings in absence of president, coordinates meetings and A/V needs, assists president with performance of his/her duties
  • Secretary - Obtains, maintains and submits minutes of all monthly meetings and official business, keeps all official records
  • Treasurer - ensures PVCF are reasonably and prudently invested, maintains financial records and bank accounts, prepares operating budget and files any appropriate annual income taxes

  • Webmaster - maintains web domain and hosting details, updates website, transmits newsletters/updates via email, maintains blog and forum
  • Membership Director - maintains contact information database of all members, maintains record of meeting attendance, solicits new members
  • Promotional Director - (new position, unofficial description) Promotes PVCF image to the public and membership at various events, discover and create promotional opportunities to enhance the image of PVCF and Professional Video (eg. bridal shows, open house), develops promotional materials to be distributed at official PVCF events
  • Librarian - Acquire and maintain professional developmental materials to be used by PVCF members, make materials available to members at monthly meetings and track their usage

We will also be looking for volunteers for various committees to assist the Board in their duties.


If you are interested in being a candidate for any position, please inform Bobby at Tuesday's meeting! Don't forget your Annual Member Dues!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ray Roman Promo for Cinevate

Ray Roman will be our featured presenter for June (tentatively scheduled June 30th).  Here is a video he produced showcasing the Cinevate Brevis 35 Adapter.  Shot with the Sony EX-1 and a Pegasus Heavy-Lifter (slider).  Shot in Miami, FL. Enjoy!

Important Wireless News

Wireless Microphone Rulings

  • Wireless microphone locations such as sports and entertainment venues may be registered with the database and that spectrum will be considered restricted and unavailable to other wireless services.

  • Channels 2-20 will be restricted solely to fixed TVBD use, but may be accessed by portable wireless microphone systems on an "itinerant" basis.

  • In 13 major markets, two channels between 21 and 51 will be allocated entirely for wireless microphone operation. TVBD's, fixed and portable, will be completely restricted from operating in these channels.

  • Channels 52-69, the so-called "700MHz range" in the UHF band, have been reallocated and either purchased by communications giants such as AT&T, Verizon and Qualcomm or reserved for public safety radio communication (channels 63, 64, 68 and 69). This spectrum is basically off-limits to any television broadcast, or any wireless services other than those provided by the owners. There are no longer any white spaces in this region, according to the definition. After the June 12, 2009 DTV transition deadline any remaining wireless interlopers will be required to vacate the 700-806MHz spectrum entirely, wireless microphones included. Think of squatters being removed from a newly purchased property.

700MHz Trade-in and Retuning Programs

For the benefit of our many wireless customers and to allay any nascent fears and concerns some of you may have, we've included a list of wireless mic manufacturers for whom B&H is a dealer that are offering either trade-in or factory retuning services for 700MHz systems and components.

  • SENNHEISER - Follow the link below to the rebate information form.  Sennheiser is offering retuning services for their 3000 and 5000 series of wireless systems in the 700MHz band, and tiered rebates for the Evolution Wireless G2 systems in the C range purchased between 1/1/2006 and 12/31/2008. The contact phone number is 860-434-9190. Valid through 12/31/2009, postmarked 12/15/09.
  • SHURE - Follow the link below to the rebate information form. Shure is offering a rebate/trade-in program of up to $1000 on new Shure wireless systems and trade-ins of 700MHz systems made by either Shure or other manufacturers and purchased before 2/1/2007. The contact phone number is 800-257-4873. Valid through 5/31/2009.
  • AUDIO-TECHNICA - Follow the link below to the rebate information form.  Audio-Technica is offering a rebate/trade-in program for purchases made between 2/1/2009 and 12/31/2009 of new Audio-Technica wireless systems and trade-ins of 700MHz systems made by either Audio-Technica or other manufacturers. The contact phone number is 330-686-2600; refer to the 700MHz trade-in program. Valid through 9/30/2009.
  • LECTROSONICS - Follow the link below to the rebate information form.  Lectrosonics is offering an extensive reblocking (retuning) program for their 700MHz systems and components, and a trade-in program for discontinued 700MHz Lectrosonics products made after 2/18/04. Contact the Service Department at 800-821-1121.
  • ELECTRO-VOICE - Follow the link below for retuning service information.  Electro-Voice is offering a rebanding (retuning) program for Electro-Voice and Telex 700MHz wireless systems and components. Contact their Customer Service department at 800-553-5992 ext.701.
  • AZDEN - Azden is offering accommodation pricing for new Azden systems below the 700MHz range on a "case-by-case" basis. The contact phone number is 800-247-4501.
  •  SAMSON - After June 12, Samson's repair department will offer 700MHz retuning services as a warranty repair covered by their 3-year warranty program, if applicable according to the date of purchase. The contact phone number is 631-784-2201 or E-mail

We hope that this information helps to resolve any wireless issues you may have, and we'll see you in June after the final DTV transition for another White Spaces Roundup.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

June 14 - 19
(Exhibit June 17 - 19)

Experience the Power of AV

You’re invited to attend InfoComm 09 this June in Orlando, Florida! Don’t miss your opportunity to Experience the Power of AV at the largest and most comprehensive pro-AV event in the world. More than 30,000 professionals from 80+ countries are expected at InfoComm 09. Join your peers and colleagues this June and discover why InfoComm is the premier event for the AV industry.
You can't afford to miss this opportunity to see the latest advances in the industry, all in one short week.

To get entrance FREE---admin to all 3 days a $125 value, 2 seminars, free one day parking at Orlando Convention Center acess to all exhibits and more, follow the instructions below.

Register at After filling out all the info enter POWER in the VIP code box and it will be free. They will mail you a badge.

--Bruce Reynolds

April 28th, 2009 Meeting

We had a another great meeting Tuesday night at Full Sail. There are more and more videographers joining our association every month!

DJ Stevens from WHDO-TV 38 came out and spoke about her great new television station with plenty of opportunities for video producers who have content they want to broadcast. DJ took questions regarding the opportunity for PVCF members to submit work. We look forward to partnering with WHDO-30 to get our footage shown to a larger audience. Thanks to DJ for coming out and meeting us…

Next up President Bobby Fishbough set-up and demonstrated an affordable camera jib that allows us to create incredible “flying boom” shots, adding value and up-sell potential for our projects. Thanks once again to Bobby for going the extra mile in sharing his tools and strategies. We saw great footage of the jib in use and discussed the low cost for such a high-end production tool

Finally Brian (carrying his cute infant son) ran the raffle for some give-away prizes, plus pulling in some extra cash for the association. Thanks again Brian for continuing these fun raffles every month.

Treasurer John Perez reported that we had $1980 dollars in our account—not including the three new members who signed up Tuesday night.

Please keep in touch reading our blog on what’s in-store for our May meeting.

Happy sellin’ shoot’n and editin’…

Reported by John Perez