Thursday, May 7, 2009

April 28th, 2009 Meeting

We had a another great meeting Tuesday night at Full Sail. There are more and more videographers joining our association every month!

DJ Stevens from WHDO-TV 38 came out and spoke about her great new television station with plenty of opportunities for video producers who have content they want to broadcast. DJ took questions regarding the opportunity for PVCF members to submit work. We look forward to partnering with WHDO-30 to get our footage shown to a larger audience. Thanks to DJ for coming out and meeting us…

Next up President Bobby Fishbough set-up and demonstrated an affordable camera jib that allows us to create incredible “flying boom” shots, adding value and up-sell potential for our projects. Thanks once again to Bobby for going the extra mile in sharing his tools and strategies. We saw great footage of the jib in use and discussed the low cost for such a high-end production tool

Finally Brian (carrying his cute infant son) ran the raffle for some give-away prizes, plus pulling in some extra cash for the association. Thanks again Brian for continuing these fun raffles every month.

Treasurer John Perez reported that we had $1980 dollars in our account—not including the three new members who signed up Tuesday night.

Please keep in touch reading our blog on what’s in-store for our May meeting.

Happy sellin’ shoot’n and editin’…

Reported by John Perez

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