Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Meeting: Working with Photographers

This month we will host a panel discussion with three leading wedding and event photographers.  Within the wedding industry, photographers and videographers are known to have a love hate relationship. As professional videographers, we need to understand the needs of a photographer to work smoothly together to get the best end result for our client. This will be a question and answer open discussion addressing the topic:
Photo & Video:  Working together in harmony.
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Pixel 1080
N. Orange Ave. STE. 755Orlando, FL

Meet the panel:

Kristen Weaver
KRISTEN WEAVER. Award winning, international wedding and fashion photographer, Kristen Weaver, moved to Florida from Northeast Ohio for college, graduating in 2003 to pursue a career in advertising design and marketing. After meeting her fiance in 2006, she moved to Orlando and went in to the photography business full time in 2009. Her business quickly flourished, booking over 25 weddings during her first year. Her work can be see in print and online blogs including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, Dujour Magazine, Remedy Magazine UK, Orlando Weddings, Orlando Style, Every Last Detail to name a few. She is also celebrating her first year as a selected Grace Ormonde Platinum Photographer.

Kevin Keelan
KEVIN KEELAN. "Knowledge & experience" that's my gift, Kevin says. Successfully managing over 200 weddings a month between his then three locations in Orlando, Hawaii and Las Vegas for over 4 years, Kevin now puts his energy into shooting around 20 luxury weddings a year. He shares his knowledge and experience with other photographers around the world through his k2 Workshops , k2 Tip of the Week & Personal Consulting. Kevin's passion for photography has led him to some of the most desirable wedding destinations around the world. He admits, "Luxury celebrations are my favorites to photograph. I am amazed at the beauty and moments that I've had the opportunity to capture." Kevin knows that when these moments happen, they are a gift from God. He is quick to say how thankful he has been to have learned from great artists like Michael Taylor and legendary wedding photographer Hanson Fong. Kevin's list of celebrities include Martina McBride, Larry King, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Bacon, Simon Baker, Jane Krakowski and Tony Danza, just to name a few. Most recently, Kevin created the innovative wedding portal Wed, Set, Go -- an online destination for vendors and brides -- set to launch in Fall 2011.

Brian Pepper
BRIAN PEPPER. Shot my 1st wedding in 1999. (Film)
Worked for Kodak Event Imaging Solutions as the National Training Manager from 2000-2003. As the training manager i opened operations and trained operation managers across the country in operating their digital photography operations. This included the digital transition and workflow of the Sandals Resort Wedding Operations. At the time I transitioned from that role to Project Manager the sites I opened and provided ongoing training and support were generating ove $40million annually. As the role of Project Manager it allowed me to more time to pursue my own company Digital Imaging Direct. As a project manager for Kodak I oversaw and created the workflow, equipment purchasing list build out design in addition to overseeing and managing the overall project budget which in some cases exceeded $1,000,000. Early 2007 was a turning point in my career when I saw the potential and opportunity to take my part time side business full time. Digital Imaging Direct quickly went from a primarily event and convention photography business to a wedding business shooting over 40 weddings annually. Our corporate photography is still a huge part of our business with providing over 1000 headshots annually for multiple corporations. We also provide photography and video services annually to IAAPA which is one of Orlando's largest convention/tradeshows that travels to our area.

Orlando Post Pros: Arri Alexa

Thursday, August 4th, Starts at 6:30

Come learn why the ARRI ALEXA has become the hottest camera for advanced digital production in the past year. ARRI representatives will be on hand to present the new Plus version of the camera and discuss various post production solutions for working with ALEXA's unique approach to extended dynamic range. Learn about Log-C and what advantages it offers for color correction.

WFTV-TV/Ch. 9 Studios
490 E. South St., Orlando, FL 32801

Visit Orlando Post Pros for details.

FCPX vs. Premiere Pro CS5.5 for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors

By Jan Ozer - Posted Jul 18, 2011

If you're an event videographer who uses Final Cut Pro 7, you've probably been pretty comfortable that you chose the right tool for the job. Final Cut Pro 7 is highly functional, flexible, has great third-party hardware and software support. Beyond notable feature gaps such as full-featured Blu-ray authoring, it pretty much does what that you need it to do.

That said, it's been four years since the last significant upgrade, and Final Cut Pro 7 is a 32-bit tool in a 64-bit world. Log and transfer conversion to ProRes is a foreground operation and can take hours, complicating same-day edits and other quick-turn operations. As of a few weeks ago, Apple has taken Final Cut Pro 7 off the market, so if you're expanding operations and need to add seats to your operation, you're out of luck. Looking forward, while Apple has stated that Final Cut Pro 7 will run on Lion, they've made no similar assurances for DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Color, and legacy versions of Motion and Compressor. Simply stated, sooner or later you're going to have to move to a new editor. If you're a DSLR shooter, it's probably sooner than later.

Continue reading the full Article at EventDV.net

Thursday, July 7, 2011

PVCF Board Meeting / Minutes / 7.5.11

Call to order: 7:39 pm, Tuesday July 5, 2011 - Pixel1080 Studios - Orlando

Board Members Present: Brian Bazala, Mark Percy, Douglas Howard, Mary Angellini, Steve Gray
Guests Present: Jo Gray, Michael Rivera

1. Brian opens with light discussions on future ideas and projects and how to delegate and create the process
2. Steve Gray asks about our roots as a club and where we came from
3. Brian defines from the by laws the board member positions
a. Webmaster (webmeister) is now defined as Communications Director, emailing members/vendors/interests 2-4 days after meeting and 2 weeks before next, as well as 1-2 days before next meeting.
b. Consistent communication thru our many channels ( Blog, Facebook, twitter ect)
c. Brian discusses group vision as it pertains to website, blog, Facebook and how they interact
d. Brian discusses Membership Director’s role and how they work within the board
e. Brian discusses Promotional Director’s position from past history

4. Light discussion on PVCF and its need for involvement in other bridal shows as a contributor
a. Perfect Wedding Guide - contact and relationship
b. My Wedding TV - contact and relationship

5. Discussion on PVCF and the Jingle Mingle put on with Women in Film - future needs of involvement

6. Meeting Feature Speakers
a. Audio Workshop - Rick Alexander/Steve Gray - October tentative
b. Entertainment Law
c. Photographers POV - Keelan, Pepper, Miotto - July's meeting speakers
d. Branding/Marketing speaker
e. Jose Ortiz - Feature speaker (Mary contact or Michael Rivera) - August tenative
f. Lighting workshop - Photomart 7.

6. Discussion on possible name change for PVCF

Meeting minutes taken by Douglas Howard

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Laws for copyrighted material - Will it affect your Videos?

This debate is a very tricky subject for videographers, there have been hundreds of argmentes made since the birth of youtube. Videographers in the U.S. have an ever trickier time trying to abide the laws, beacuse it is nearly impossible for the "common videographer" to obtain a license to a major recorded song.
In an article just posted on SF Weekly: "Posting Copyrighted Music to YouTube Might Soon Earn You Jail Time"

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended a bill for the Senate that would make it a felony to "make a public performance by electronic means" of a copyrighted work, i.e. illegal streaming of copyrighted material. This offense would carry the same penalty of illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works: up to five years in prison, a fine, or both.

The bill has the support of just about every copyright-holding organization, including the RIAA, the MPAA, Disney, NBC Universal, and others. On the introduction of the bill to the Senate in May, the RIAA commented: "As the music industry continues its transition from selling CDs to providing fans convenient access to a breadth of legal music online, laws that provide effective enforcement against new and developing forms of content theft are essential to the health of our business." Basically, the companies don't want to be left behind when technology progresses more quickly than laws that can make various infringements illegal.

So what does this mean to you? Will you stop uploading your videos online? Comment below!

Author: Mary Angelini
Orlando Wedding Videographer

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Meeting Summary

Our July meeting was full of energy, constructive criticism, and a renewed motivation. The members also voted in the new board members. See notes below for all details:

--The group agreed that everyone should take ownership of the future of PVCF. Members need to take initiative and commit to making individual and meaningful contributions to enhance the PVCF experience.

--To that end, The group agreed that everyone on the board (and and more broadly, in the organization) should do approximately an hour's work a month to further the goals of the organization. These small contributions, such as planning and delivering a presentation, finding a guest speaker, contacting a vendor for donated swag, or running the raffle should require minimal time and effort, but have a tremendous impact on the group as a whole.

--As mentioned above, All members should be involved in programming, even if it's just a 5-10 minute talk on something they found interesting or something at which they excel

--The members agreed to re-visit the bylaws at the next meeting, as some of the terms and bylaws are outdated and are not reflective of the direction of the group. (eg. Webmaster should be changed to Communication Director, and the position of Librarian should be eliminated, which was approved by a majority vote)

--The board agreed to have meetings before the general members' meeting each last Tuesday of the month

--The new board was elected:

President - Brian Bazala
Vice Pres. - Doug Howard
Secretarty - Karen Osbourne
Treasurer - Bobby Fishbough
Comm. Dir. - Mary Angelini
Promo Dir.- Steven Gray
Membership Dir. - Marc Percy

--The group also discussed a possible name change with Video Pros of Orlando getting a top nod, followed by Production Pros of Orlando. We welcome suggestions.

A special work session of the new Board will be held on Tuesday July 5 at 8 at Pixel 1080. General membership is invited to contribute and offer input but will not be permitted to vote on Board-related matters.