Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Meeting Summary

Our July meeting was full of energy, constructive criticism, and a renewed motivation. The members also voted in the new board members. See notes below for all details:

--The group agreed that everyone should take ownership of the future of PVCF. Members need to take initiative and commit to making individual and meaningful contributions to enhance the PVCF experience.

--To that end, The group agreed that everyone on the board (and and more broadly, in the organization) should do approximately an hour's work a month to further the goals of the organization. These small contributions, such as planning and delivering a presentation, finding a guest speaker, contacting a vendor for donated swag, or running the raffle should require minimal time and effort, but have a tremendous impact on the group as a whole.

--As mentioned above, All members should be involved in programming, even if it's just a 5-10 minute talk on something they found interesting or something at which they excel

--The members agreed to re-visit the bylaws at the next meeting, as some of the terms and bylaws are outdated and are not reflective of the direction of the group. (eg. Webmaster should be changed to Communication Director, and the position of Librarian should be eliminated, which was approved by a majority vote)

--The board agreed to have meetings before the general members' meeting each last Tuesday of the month

--The new board was elected:

President - Brian Bazala
Vice Pres. - Doug Howard
Secretarty - Karen Osbourne
Treasurer - Bobby Fishbough
Comm. Dir. - Mary Angelini
Promo Dir.- Steven Gray
Membership Dir. - Marc Percy

--The group also discussed a possible name change with Video Pros of Orlando getting a top nod, followed by Production Pros of Orlando. We welcome suggestions.

A special work session of the new Board will be held on Tuesday July 5 at 8 at Pixel 1080. General membership is invited to contribute and offer input but will not be permitted to vote on Board-related matters.

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