Saturday, September 20, 2008


We've got a great meeting planned for September!  

We finally got a room at Full Sail thanks to some persistent work by Bobby.  He has also set up a workshop training session for that night which will focus on the Interview, including camera, audio and lighting set up.

Also planned is the unveiling of the new PVCF website which boasts some really cool features for Business Professional members that will add a ton of value to the site.  There's still a few things to finish, but it's about 95% done.  It should go live by Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.

We are still in need of your video clips which will be featured in the new PVCF promo video, currently in the works.  Please bring a miniDV tape, .mov/.avi file on disc, or a DVD of your best 1 minute clip to the meeting.  This is a great opportunity to have some of your work showcased so don't miss out on the opportunity!

Again, don't forget to check out the forum and post -- it's a great way to network for the 30 days when we don't see each other.


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