Monday, September 22, 2008

PVCF Website is Up and Running!!

Well, it took some time, but the new website is up, running and linked to this Blog and the Forum.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new site.  For Business Professional members, review the member directory and check out your listing.  Not all listings are up and running at this time, but I will try to get all the listings up in the next week or so. 

To update or create your member profile with video, go to the website.  Click on I AM A VIDEOGRAPHER.  Log in to the MEMBERS ONLY section.  (email me at if you need the log in info.)  Go to MEMBER PROFILES.  Click on UPDATE MEMBER PROFILE and follow the instructions on the form.  You should upload your demo video to Vimeo, Brightcove or YouTube before doing this so you will have the link info when filling out the form.  Your updated or new profile should be posted within a few days.  Keep in mind that only BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS (those with a business license) will receive a listing in the MEMBER DIRECTORY, but all members will be listed in the general Member Profiles section in the Members Only area.

Also, please note that we will be limiting the amount of email to members in the future.  All major notices will be posted to either the Blog or Forum, whichever is more appropriate.  Meeting notices will always be posted to this Blog.

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