Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get in Motion Tour: HDSLR Training Sept. 20th!

Get in Motion Tour: HDSLR Workshop Coming to Orlando September 20th

If you live in Orlando and are a photographer trying to get into the hot trend of HDSLR filmmaking, the Get in Motion Tour will be holding a workshop at the Orlando Marriot Airport to educate photographers and anyone interested in learning more about HDSLR video. The event is being hosted by CineStories and we (Photomart Cine-Video) are helping to sponsor it!

Location & Contact info:

Orlando Marriott Airport
7499 Augusta National Drive
Orlando, FL 32837

See the event trailer below:

Additional Information:

They will show you examples of specific products you can make with tools you already have to open up your client-base to these services. Specifically, you will learn how to make

1. web commercials
2. wedding films
3. birth-announcement films
4. family music videos
5. senior music videos
6. films for events (meeting, parties, family reunions, etc.).

Of course, teaching how to make these films will involve learning different camera movement techniques, different storytelling approaches, what additional gear to acquire and how to use it, how to properly record and line up sound, and how to edit it all in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 (event sponsor).

Get $10 off of the ticket price with this coupon code: ORLVID

Photomart Cine-Video will be at this event and will be selling some gear from our store, so be sure to say hi to us and we hope to see you there!

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