Thursday, August 11, 2011

July's Minutes

July's meeting we had slot of things going an as well as a roundtable guest panelist. And the topic was "Photographers and Videogrphers: Working in Harmony". thanks to Kristen Weaver, Brian Pepper and Kevin Keelan for your time and expertise in helping us understand how to work with photographers better. 
OLD Business: 
Douglas discussed changes to the broader meaning and scope of PVCF in the future:
-- A focus on both weddings and corporate work to help membership feel like the organization is addressing what they do for a living
-- Taking field trips to studios, stores & colleges
-- Networking with others in the industry
-- More swag, raffle tickets
Jingle Mingle: PVCF will be partnering with Women in Film to sponsor the Jingle Mingle. We are looking to recruit people that may want to chair this event or help out with parking, newsletters, e-mails, and donation recruitment.
Bridal Shows: PVCF has plans to have a booth at an upcoming bridal show. 
-- wedding video theater where brides and grooms can watch films from membership
-- Members work the show to educate brides about why the need wedding video.
-- Members will cut a video to increase our name recognition/branding
-- Education for brides the most important
-- Contact Doug if you'd like to volunteer to help operate the booth
Mary reported on communications initiatives:
-- Main goal: To have constant communication between board and membership
-- Let Mary know if you aren't getting PVCF e-mails.
-- PVCF members are responsible in putting in an hour a month
-- PVCF members should contribute to the blog on the website; if you see good, industry- related articles or wish to write one yourself send them to Mary
Brian's report:
-- Everyone should be held accountable
-- Everyone should contribute to making the group better
-- Photomart CineVideo will match or beat the price on photo and video support gear for members of PVCF. Photomart will also start providing rentals of small light kits, white backdrops, green screeens, etc., for members that will be competitively priced.
Marc's report:
-- Dues for this year are due this month; dues this year are $60.
-- Please pay Marc as soon as possible to keep your website listing.
-- New members get 2 free meetings. After 2 free meetings is $10/meeting.
-- Members get free listings and discounts for guest speakers and networking events.
-- Mary is deleting all members from the site that did not pay their dues; please pay your dues ASAP to have your listing reinstated.
-- Dues in the future can be taken via SquareUp and credit cards.
Steven's report:
-- We are interested in bringing promotions and products to the meetings; if you are interested in partnering to get this done please contact Steven.
-- We've been talking for four years about the name and image of PVCF and consistently the feedback is that members want to be more than what the name implies, as we deal with people in multiple disciplines: weddings and live events, but also corporate video and many have become independent small producers and wear many hats. PVCF needs to brand ourselves in a way that represents our new direction and energy. 
-- The board feels very strongly that Producers Videographers Cinematographer sand Filmmakers should be the new name.
-- The name will be put to a vote at a future meeting. Only paid-up members will be able to vote.
-- Bobby Fishbough brought up a concern that very few members of PVCF can call themselves producers in the professional sense; i.e., movies, broadcast, etc. 
-- Brian Bazala responded by saying it was narrow to say that members don't produce, even on a small scale, and that PVCF could teach producing skills. 
A motion was taken to table the naming discussion until a general meeting without special guests.
Special guest photographers Kristin Weaver, Brian Pepper and Kevin Keelan spoke about the best way videographers can work with photographers and foster a good working relationship so that the client gets the best quality product from both ends of the business.
Next month's meeting: A guest speaker from Manfrotto

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