Saturday, September 4, 2010

PVCF August Meeting Highlights

The August regular meeting was held at the Orange County Public Library. Topic of discussion was the recent WEVA Expo. Michael Angelo passed on a few highlights from the sessions, including:

The 5-Minute Rule. Spend the first five minutes of your initial consultation with a client talking about...the client. Get them talking about themselves and their event. Avoid discussing pricing or anything that has to do with gear and technique.

Do your own thing. Figure out what you do best and do it. Don't try to emulate what everyone else is doing. Find your niche, whether is is SDE, stylish camera work or destination events.

Price = Value. Make sure your pricing accurately reflects what you are offering. And if you are offering a discount, you should trim an item from your package.

Offer teaser packages to "get them in the door". Don't scare clients away with your biggest package. Give them the opportunity to see your work and allow them the opportunity to upgrade.

In addition to the WEVA discussion, there were some proposals for hands-on workshops, which we will discuss at an upcoming meeting. Bobby also gave an update on possible meeting locations, including Full Sail. Details will be forthcoming.

August Meeting at Orange County Public Library
Schuyler Osborne
President Bobby Fishbough
VP Michael Angelo gives an update
Michael Angelo
Bruce Reynolds, Karen Osborne and Kat Small
Mary Angelini and VonMarie Donato
Seth Cohen and Schuyler Osborne

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