Monday, December 7, 2009

Perfect Sky Productions finalist at WEVA 2009

PVCF's own Schuyler Osbourne of Perfect Sky Productions was recognized at this year's WEVA Expo. PSP was a Finalist in the Wedding Highlights Category for the Littrell Wedding (check out the film below).

"This wedding was a complete surprise in many ways. I booked the bride over the internet and had never met her in person. I arrived earlier and decided to grab some bridal prep to help impress the coordinator, it wasn't part of her package. I walked in and immediately felt good about what I was going to get. She was beautiful and edgy but in a very cool way. Her personality was fantastic and she was excited to get some footage. I felt great after leaving for the ceremony. The couple was older and it showed in the maturity and the emotions they shared, this you can't recreate you can only wish for. The wedding was filled with wonderful little details and the couple was filled with emotion. It was also the first time working with Fat Catz Photography and we hit it off and they help make some great footage as well. All these elements help give me great material.
I entered many categories and what I thought was some really cool and edgy work. This piece was a last minute decision and I almost excluded it, I didn't think it stood out enough. Well, the entries I felt the strongest about failed to win anything and this recap was my first award. It just goes to show, don't second guess yourself. I was talking with David Robin a few years back about the WEVA awards. He said the years he felt he had a winner he never won and the years he didn't have the strongest confidence, he won easily. With his many victories to my only one, the only advice I would offer is just enter in many things. It is very subjective and you never know what the judges will be drawn to. Not to take away anything from me, this was not my favorite entry. I have seen many of our members work and I know it is award winning caliber. Next year I would like to see more members submitting their work, I know we have many awards in us.
Winning feels fantastic. My fragile male ego needed the boost. We are all artist and rather we admit it or not, we all love praise. Don't second guess yourself or feel your work is not good enough, it is. We have a very talented group and I know we can prove the Central Florida is a force to be reckoned with. Start getting your entries ready now, it will be here again soon. Good luck to you all and thank you for you congratulations, it really does mean a lot."

Congratulations to Schuyler and Perfect Sky Productions!

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congrats Schuyler, you deserve it! B.